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Allison Smith

Video Editor for Social, Commercial, and Personal Content
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About me

I am a determined perfectionist - my biggest weakness AND strength. I love detail and will spend the time to get it done, but I also communicate regularly to make sure I'm putting the time in where it needs to go. After all, my biggest fulfillment and success comes from happy clients. I love what I do as a video editor and grow a little more every day, learning new things, meeting new people and creating content we can all love. One content style does not fit all, but if you dig my work I'd love to chat with you and see what we can come up with to bring your content to the next level.

My roles and specialties

Video Editor

Branded Commercial Content, Branded Social Media Content, Motion Graphics

Have you always been independent? What has your career trajectory been?

No, I haven't always worked for myself. I started out as a marketing assistant for a local trucking company while I was still in college, falling in love with video editing. My first experience of this nature was actually in a college classroom taking a class I was iffy about - boy am I glad I left my comfort zone! I've been in love with it ever sense. I progressed through my career, working for a few more companies in town - always leaving on good notes and mutual understanding - searching for my career destiny. I decided in 2021 to give freelancing a try and I haven't looked back. I like meeting new clients, the difficulty of figuring out what works for them versus someone else, and developing an understanding for the social world that pushes for those changes. None of my projects have been exactly the same and that's what I love - the variety and uniqueness of it all.

How have you benefited from mentors in your career?

I believe you can learn something new from everyone. I have always sought out mentors, because a lot of things in life are applicable to more than just 1 occurrence. Most of my managers have been mentors in my eyes - I looked for things they did well, things they didn't and asked a lot of questions. I still do! Everyone has a different experience, and that can shine new light over situations - especially as a video editor. Social interaction is a huge part of defining what video should be, do, and look like. So learning different people and how they tackle situations is always material for me to view circumstances in my work objectively and through multiple lenses (pun intended).

What is the most significant (to you) project you have worked on?

I believe these to be my own personal videos. They allow me to understand my style and what I'm best at so that I am capable of defining when a job is a fit for my skills, abilities, and overall editing style.

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