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Amy Hiemenz

Art Director & Graphic Designer Elevating Beauty Brands
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About me

I am a seasoned creative with over 10 years of experience in digital design, social media, print design, and branding. I have a background in 360º branding, but for the last few years I have focused on digital design in the fashion and beauty industry. I am always up for a good design challenge and I have experience on every step of the design process from start to finish. To me, the details are important as well as the big picture and I am not afraid to get resourceful when it comes to design problem-solving. I absolutely love collaborating with other creatives, as well as bouncing off ideas from other teams outside of the creative realm—all perspectives are crucial! I believe that in order for a brand have a successful identity, the branding must be backed up by a strong strategy.

My roles and specialties

Graphic Designer

Digital design, Logos, Brand Identity

Let’s connect

Have you always been independent? What has your career trajectory been?

I have dabbled here and there in the freelance world but never fully went all-in until now! Over the course of my career, I worked as a graphic designer for large digital and social media agencies such as VaynerMedia and 24/7 Laundry Service; I also worked as an in-house designer for a variety of beauty and fashion brands such as Macy's, L'Oreal, and The Sak. In my previous full-time role, I was an art director for a clean skincare company called Voesh New York. There, I juggled multiple design projects as well as be a key player in leading the brand's overall look. After having my son, I decided that I wanted to get back into the freelance world to help ignite my creative spark!

What does the perfect job look like to you?

The perfect project for me would consist of these three things:

• A team of great, collaborative, and open people

• Creative freedom with a flexible budget

• Clear objectives and unified goals

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