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locationOttawa, ON Canada

Annie Pandolfi

Hey! I'm Annie. Your go-to designer all things creative. ✌️

About me

I run an independent Ottawa-based packaging design and branding studio. Our studio crafts strategically fun designs filled with personality for consumer goods, hospitality, and lifestyle brands. Our emphasis is on design that goes beyond aesthetics. We create designs that artistically tell stories, evoke emotions, and establish connections within communities.

My studio works with independently owned businesses, ranging from small to large, that have a goal and desire to stand out.

My roles and specialties

Brand Designer

Design Systems, Brand Book, Style Guides

Graphic Designer

Brand Identity, Illustrations, Websites

Packaging Designer

Let’s connect

Have you always been independent? What has your career trajectory been?

I earned my creative stripes graduating from Algonquin College's Photography and Graphic Design programs in 2011 and 2020.

After 7 years freelancing in photography, I decided to pursue my dreams of becoming a brand and package designer. I worked incredibly hard to get my feet off my ground, and gained valuable experience in various reputable agencies. In the last 4 years as a Senior Designer, she has left her mark in dynamic industries like cannabis, alcohol, micro breweries, hospitality, medical, education, and advertising. I made sure no matter where I was, I was a creative swiss army knife and kept learning new things wherever I could.

How do you keep the creative fires burning?

I dedicate a significant amount of time to savouring the world around me. It's common to find me stepping away from the computer and delving into antique stores, seeking diverse design perspectives. When not in that setting, I immerse myself in ranching stores or other environments that starkly contrast the typical city lifestyle.

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