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Chelsea Taylor

A female owned and operated web design and branding studio.
She Designs Things

About me

To be honest, my bio changes quite a bit. I'm constantly growing as a person and with life comes new experiences that help shape the person I am. I started The Bokeh Lens as a way to share my photography with the world while I worked on finishing my degree in information systems. I have been creating websites way back when Yahoo had GeoCities (cringe a little on the inside for me).

As my photography business grew and I worked on more designs I decided to add web designs to my business. That's where She Designs Things comes in. I have no plans to stop creating! Be sure to check out my YouTube channel, where I give simple tutorials on web designs, graphic designs, and google site hacks.

My roles and specialties

Graphic Designer

Logos, Brand Identity

Web Designer

eCommerce site, Web Hosting, UX Design

Local Photographer

Brand, product

What is the latest project you completed?

My latest project was for a ABA Therapy organization which included  brand guideline, mood boards, business card, letterhead, email signature, Facebook banner, profile photo, Alt Logo, and Submark. This project took roughly 4 weeks to complete

What makes you uniquely special?

I do most of the work on my own everything from branding to web design to photography. I create YouTube videos to help small business owners create there own websites using free resources. I wouldn't say that I'm unique but I am proficient.

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