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Dominique Hyatt

Your Deadline Queen & Systems Strategist
The Bookish Strategist

About me

Hello and welcome to my corner of the cloud, I’m the book bestie you never knew you needed! I am your deadline queen, systems nerd, book lover and foodie. I partner with indie authors, editors and publishing firms who want to scale and pivot by creating kick ass automated systems geared towards their definition of success so they can focus on creating the next best seller.

So why seek out indie authors? Why not! The publishing world is the most intriguing industry to me, as it holds some of the best literary gods and goddesses in terms of indie authors, editors and publishing companies. I want to help cultivate, refine and implement the indie authors vision in terms of their brand, readers and goals. I have discovered some of the best authors within the indie realm and want to help amplify their voices through a seamless backend in terms of operations and systems.

If you are doing everything but writing your next best seller, we need to be book besties!

My roles and specialties

Virtual Assistant

Executive Administrative Assistant, Travel Planning, Administrative Assistant

Email Marketer

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Who inspires you?

Those who choose to create and tell a story that inspires, resonates and sets forth an individual on a journey.

Apart from my beautiful melanin humans my husband and I created. My inspiration is the indie author who decided to go against the grain, to be the rebel and do all things for their readers and most importantly their truth as an author. Disregarding the norms of the publishing industry and choosing to create new avenues into the realm of best selling author.

I cheer on these bad ass melanin indie authors and amplify their work. As black literature is power an inspiration and signifies our ability to tell a story from our lens.

What makes you uniquely special?

Oftentimes my insane ability to prioritize, organize and create systems that allow me my sanity.

As your book bestie the above skill set allows me to strategize with you as we work together to create, implement a backend system that will allow you to stay within your creative headspace as an author. Apart from the logistics I definitely take my book bestie title seriously. I am here to listen, scream and sometimes cry with you as we journey together. Being loyal, straightforward and adaptive are superpowers you can thank me for as a Sagittarius. 😉

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