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Dr. Lisa Marie Lee

THEE EVALUATOR - I help businesses maximize performance!
Linked Results, LLC

About me

Hey, I am Dr. Lisa, and I am the Founder of Linked Results, LLC. I help businesses to maximize performance through evaluation (business research and data science) to ensure the effectiveness of investments and ROI based on the employee experience. 

Specifically, I help entrepreneurs and businesses to understand the value of investments either prior, during, or after implementation to understand not only the tangible but intangible benefits, but barriers, and new opportunities for success.

Through comprehensive evaluations of your policies, procedures, training, and cross-departmental relationships, we'll help you:

✦ Earn trust and enhance employee well-being

✦ Strengthen collaborative operations and increase productivity

✦ Reduce risk and create a positive, productive workplace culture

✦ Streamline HR processes and improve employee engagement

✦ Maximize your return on investment in your most valuable asset - your people.

To learn more about our services, please reach out. 🙂

My roles and specialties

HR Consultant

Performance Consultant, Workplace Experience


Evaluative Research, Exploratory Research

My portfolio

Visit these portfolio pieces to see more of my work.

What kinds of projects are you open to?

I focus on projects that are designed to understand the how's and why's of business performance from the perspective of those that are influenced by decisions, investments, policies, and processes to ensure effectiveness, accountability, new opportunities for improvement.

Project can focus on but are not limited to the evaluation of:

☞ Trust-building workshops to strengthen employer-employee relationships

☞  Employee well-being enhancement programs to improve the overall work experience 

☞  Collaborative tools and platforms to boost productivity and engagement

☞  Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives to create a more equitable and inclusive workplace

☞  Leadership development programs to address retention issues and drive behavioral change

☞  Technology integration and training to enhance program, process, and performance effectiveness

☞  Culture transformation efforts to foster accountability and maximize business impact

☞  Cybersecurity solutions to protect your organization's critical assets

Projects can range from 3 months to years since I provide continuous evaluation services.

What makes you uniquely special?

I focus on the human aspect of businesses, which is primary overlooked. Focus is always on the monetary and tangible outcomes, but there is little investments in the WHY and HOW from the perspective of employees. This is why businesses struggle because they overlook their most valuable assets - EMPLOYEES , which what drives business results. Without employees there is no business.

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