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locationVictoria, BC Canada

Drew Robertson

Your friendly neighbourhood digital problem solver.
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About me

I'm a primarily self-taught developer hailing from the not-so-frozen tundra of British Columbia, Canada. I've been building websites since the good ol' days, back when tables were considered an acceptable layout structure.

I currently work full time as a software engineer, developing a platform for post-secondary education administrators and I'm also the CTO of a BC based startup called SocialNRG Digital Entertainment.

On the side, I do small-medium sized web development projects for almost any sort of client. I'm a CSS whizz as long as you're not looking for custom animations, but my primary skillset lies in creating custom applications with PHP.

I also specialize in dev-ops and problem solving

My roles and specialties

Web Developer

Custom Software Applications, PHP

Let’s connect

What kinds of projects are you open to?

I'm open to anything from creative problem solving, to simple wordpress re-designings. I'm honestly not picky, so long as the compensation is right.

What does the perfect job look like to you?

The perfect job? That's easy. Sitting around on a private beach somewhere tropical, with a cold rum & coke while I passively earn income on [something]

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