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locationNew York, NY United States

Edward Bermudez

Designing for the Internet

About me

Very non-bias, very impartial 3D Computer Graphics Designer and animator. I serve all walks of life and all ideologies.

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My roles and specialties

3D Computer Graphics Designer

3D Computer Graphics Design, 3D Animator, 3D NFT's

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What is the latest project you completed?

Antique Island: 3 Antiques NFT

I created this project for a client who lost her husband. They both grew old together in marriage. He was an astronaut and she asked me to create a piece that mirrors elements of his interests, their conversations and experiences together. This is part one of this series.

What is your primary focus as an independent professional?

To work with everybody even if I disagree with them

For example:

"Freedom of Speech"

Very ironically, both a Republican and Democrat who are two very young childhood friends from an IVY league university approached me on Instagram and asked that I create a project representing Freedom of Speech as they grew tired of the controlled speech situation in America as of recent.

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