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Eileen Marie

About me

Eileen here, ready to bring you creative, research-based, SEO-driven content. Because of my interesting and unique educational background, I have excellent research skills and can sore a ny brand or copy to new heights.

I'm also a full-time traveler with plenty of experience. I provide my clients with a friendly, objective, and conversational tone of writing.

My roles and specialties


Blog, Education


My portfolio

Visit these portfolio pieces to see more of my work.

How do you continue to grow your professional skills?

My background as an educator gives me a deep understanding of the power of reading, and I will always use that to improve my skills as a professional. As well as completing updated online classes (thank you, #LinkedInlearning), I also keep up with new technology and content formats by reading and researching.

Why do you love doing what you do?

One of the best aspects of copywriting is creating and learning about different brands, niches, and more. As a freelancer, it's vital to look past making 6 figures and look more towards the opportunities, knowledge gained, and, most of all, the community of others.

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