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locationGujrat, Punjab Pakistan

Zara Ali

Hi, I am a medical student as a content writer

About me

I am a content writer as well an artist, here looking for people to share my expertise with. I am fluent in english and help in creative writing, essay writing, story writing, speeches, blog writing, poems etc. I have won a few local competitions in story writing and I share my poetry on “ All Poetry” online. And I’ve also have an experience in speech and essay writing. My writing skills are detailed and highly factual because i back it up with hours of research and proofreading. Alongside my passion for writing I am a 3rd Year medical student. Other than that i am great with data entry jobs as well.

My roles and specialties


Creative Writer

Data Entry Specialist

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How do you continue to grow your professional skills?

As a content writer, I have continued to grow my professional skills through continuous learning, consistent practice, and seeking feedback. I actively pursue opportunities to expand my knowledge by taking online courses, reading industry-specific publications, and staying updated with the latest trends and techniques. I dedicate regular time to practice writing, experimenting with different styles and genres to enhance my versatility. Seeking feedback from mentors and peers allows me to receive valuable insights, identify areas for improvement, and refine my writing skills.

As an artist, my professional growth is fueled by a combination of practice, exploration, and networking. I consistently engage in artistic endeavors, dedicating time to create art pieces using various mediums and techniques. Through experimentation and pushing the boundaries of my creativity, I have evolved my artistic style and expanded my skill set. Networking with fellow artists and participating in art communities has provided valuable feedback, inspiration, and opportunities for collaboration, contributing to my growth as an artist.

In the field of data entry, I have honed my skills through continuous learning, organization, and attention to detail. I stay updated with the latest data entry software and tools, utilizing them efficiently to ensure accuracy and efficiency in my work. Continuous practice and exposure to diverse data entry tasks have improved my speed and precision. Effective organizati

What is the latest project you completed?

I had the privilege of working on a story project for a client focused on deforestation, and I'm thrilled to share that it won her a prestigious prize. The project aimed to raise awareness about the devastating effects of deforestation and promote sustainable practices. Together with the client, I crafted a compelling narrative that highlighted the urgency of the issue and showcased the importance of preserving our forests. Through thorough research, engaging storytelling, and powerful visuals, we were able to captivate the audience and inspire them to take action. The project's success not only reflects the client's dedication and vision but also underscores the impact of storytelling in driving positive change. I'm immensely proud to have contributed to such a meaningful project and to have played a role in raising awareness about deforestation and its consequences.

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