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Emma Sousa


About me

More than 30 years in manufacturing has given me the skillset I now market to others. Outsourcing your data project needs is just cost-effective and sensible. My knowledge in Excel, pivots, data entry accuracy and more will give your organization an edge. Partnering with 603DataPro will provide you a means of accomplishing your organizational goals, while leaving your staff able to stay focused on the more important tasks.

My roles and specialties

Data Analyst

Data Entry Specialist

Processing, Analyzing, Manipulating

Technical Writing

Processes, Procedures, How-To

How do you continue to grow your professional skills?

I continue to educate myself. I have obtained an Associates in Business, a Bachelor's in Business with a concentration in HR, and am almost done working on my Master's with emphasis in Industrial and Organizational Psychology (I-O). I continue to self-educate in areas like Microsoft Excel and Power BI. Life is a constant learning process and I endeavor to always seek some new bit of information to add to my toolbox.

What is your primary focus as an independent professional?

My goals are to focus on ramping my business up to provide a steady stream of income. Emphasis is placed on partnering with businesses to accomplish goals and objectives. I've worked my entire life for others, and it is time to branch off and test the waters working for myself.

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