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About me

I'm Zen Eshaan, the world of technology and creativity is my zone. Primarily, I'm a tech-savvy software developer who loves nothing more than optimizing and fine-tuning operating systems to ensure that people's PCs run like well-oiled machines. Whether it's tweaking settings or optimizing performance, I'm all about making technology work seamlessly for my clients.

But that's not all there is to me. I also have a background in copywriting, where I used to craft persuasive messages that captivated audiences. Words have always been my playground, and I enjoy the challenge of crafting compelling content that resonates with people.

On the creative side, I'm also a logo designer and video editor. I thrive on bringing ideas to life visually, whether it's through designing a memorable logo or editing together a captivating video.

My roles and specialties

Ad Copywriter

#CaptivatingCopy, Education, Fashion

How do you continue to grow your professional skills?

Everyday has its own learning experience

How will you tweak my system and what will it do?

You'll need anydesk for the implementation of the tweaks, the tweaks overall boost your system and pc by 75%

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