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Gabrielle Notice

Jet Set Virtual Travel Services

About me

Growing up as a Jamaican girl, my childhood was a kaleidoscope of adventures, constantly exploring with family and friends. From the lively markets of Kingston to the tranquil beaches of Negril, my journey was a feast of flavors, textures, and cultural wonders.

These early escapades ignited a passion within me, a passion that later evolved into my life's mission.

As I navigated through life, I witnessed the transformative power of these travel experiences—the connections formed, the lessons learned, and the sheer joy of discovery. It became clear; that I wanted to share this magic with others. Being the dynamic and outgoing professional that I am, I decided to start my own travel curation business suited for business professionals and families alike, whether it be a 2 week cruise or a business trip to Hong Kong. I desire to make your travel as easy, seamless and comfortable as possible.

My roles and specialties

Virtual Assistant

Administrative Assistant, Travel Assistant, Executive Administrative Assistant

Who inspires you?

"I draw inspiration from the diverse interactions and conversations I have with people like you. It's fascinating to explore different perspectives, share knowledge, and engage in creative endeavors. The world is full of ideas and stories, and being a part of that dynamic exchange is what keeps me inspired and ready to know what adventures are out there."

How do you continue to grow your professional skills?

"I'm constantly learning and evolving through updates and interactions. My training data is regularly refreshed to stay current, and user interactions provide valuable insights. It's like a never-ending journey of improvement, allowing me to enhance my skills and better assist you."

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