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locationChicago, IL United States

Hector Garcia

Makeup artist with 12 years of experience in luxury beauty.
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 Hello, my name is Hector, originally from Phoenix, Az. but now based in Chicago, IL.


I have been working as a makeup artist for the past 12 years. In that time, I have worked with brides, models, editors photographers and regular people, to create fitting looks for their corresponding events.

     I consider myself to be quite lucky to be working as a makeup artist. I truly enjoy the art side and being a part of all these special events that bring joy to so many people. 


To me, makeup is not something that should be worn to hide ones self. Rather, it should be used to convey the emotion or "vibe" of that day. It should enhance your natural beauty and it should be you.  


I love helping my clients accomplish just that.

My roles and specialties


Let’s connect

What is your primary focus as an independent professional?

My primary focus is to do what I love and always provide my clients with the best products and latest trends/ tech.

Have you always been independent? What has your career trajectory been?

I have not always been independent. I actually started my makeup career as a sale makeup artist at a kiosk in a mall selling mineral makeup. I was then scouted by Estee lauder as they saw I always had someone on my chair. I worked in luxury sales for several brands some of which include Charlotte Tilbury and Tomford. From there, after the pandemic, I saw an opportunity to focus on what I love most, just doing makeup. So, I joined bridal makeup agencies and now im building my own.

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