Hillary Eden McMullen

locationConcord, NH United States

Hillary McMullen

I help restaurants fill seats by leveraging their brand.
Hillary Eden McMullen

About me

My name is Hillary, and I am a brand identity and strategy consultant specializing in the food service industry. I come to you with a background in graphic design, digital communication and marketing, fields that I have worked closely in for the past 8+ years.

The restaurant industry has been hit hard over these past few years, and you need more customers coming in on a daily basis. With more customers coming in you can afford to hire people to replace you and thereby freeing up more time for yourself.

If this sounds like you, then I want to talk with you. I help restaurants to elevate their brand identity to communicate effectively with their ideal customer and to get them coming through the door. We will design a brand strategy that is custom fit to your restaurant to set you up for success and to start booking out reservations.

You are passionate about your food, I am passionate about bringing people to your food. Let's work together on this.

My roles and specialties


brand strategy, brand identity, brand visuals

Marketing Strategist

brand marketing, event marketing, Digital marketing

How do you continue to grow your professional skills?

A secondary passion of mine, besides designing, is to learn. I love learning! You'll be hard pressed to talk to me and me not bring up some new venture that I've been delving into. And it's no different with my profession, I am constantly looking for ways to increase my knowledge and in turn my value to my clients.

Currently this means that I am taking a course to become a full-stack developer! This will really allow me to hone in my designing skills for web optimization, as well as save the client time and money by being able to implement my designs on my own instead of sourcing a web developer!

Why do you love doing what you do?

I love to see others succeed and to support their success to the best of my ability. For me, that means helping my clients develop their branding and teaching them how to utilize it to make sure we get as many eyes to see it as possible and to grow with them as their needs grow. A good business can flourish if it is shown to the right audience with the right message -- that's what I aim for. That's what makes it all worth it for me.

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