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locationBirmingham, AL United States

Infinity Jasele

User Experience Design Specialist
Pro UX Designer

About me

Innovative Thinking From Experience: I created female based consultancy focusing on improving business and services though the lens of creativity and innovation. We build new ideas from old, improve products with innovative design, and our process is collaborative and inspiring. We love to solve puzzles, be part of the creative process, and create products with a human touch.

In advertising what I provide, I aim to be as honest as possible. I can assure you that I will recognize problems or blind spots in your ideas, plans, or projects, and that I will suggest improvements that will benefit your users and your bottom line. As for what happens after this, it's usually out of my hands and up to the client's implementation. Most of the time, I am hired as a UX consultant for a set period of time. 

My job is to deliver some specific work remotely or sometimes on-location, and then the client uses it according to their needs. As a result, the best measure of whether I have done a good job

My roles and specialties

UX Design

Design Systems

Digital Product Design

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What is your primary focus as an independent professional?

I can help your business; brainstorm, provide insights, create and improve ideas and relationships, effectively, in a positive way, with both technical skills as well as creativity and innovation.

What does the perfect job look like to you?

Our Value Add Pledge

  • I will focus on the strategic business aspects of UX challenges.
  • I will zoom out from the product or service to the ecosystem of the business.
  • I will use UX challenges to identify and solve deeper business problems.
  • I will help businesses become more user-centered, agile and digitally mature through UX projects.
  • I can work in a UX team with UX Design and UX Research.
  • I will provide validated, deep, and actionable insights to drive sustainable business decisions.

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