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Jace Nielsen

I create neurodivergent-friendly educational resources

About me

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Hi! I create and curate resources for use in the education industry to help teachers and other education staff gain a better understanding of neurodiversity, and to provide content to teachers who do not have the time.

I’m a late-20s-age male educator based in Western Australia so that is why some of the links/resources are specific to WA in case you were wondering! I have ADHD which wasn’t diagnosed until I was an adult, so I created this website to help other educators find ways of being inclusive even when there isn’t an identifiable student in need. These kinds of resources are the ones I use now and that would’ve helped me immensely in school.

The website has also expanded to just collate a bunch of useful websites in general for educators to use, so I hope you find something you’re looking for!

My roles and specialties

Digital Product Design

education, art

E-Commerce Manager

digital goods, education resources, wordpress


Course Implementation, resource creation, accessible learning

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Just send me an email at or fill in the contact form on my website:

Why do you love doing what you do?

Everyone deserves the best chance at education that is available and with current under-resourced and overworked teachers, neurodiverse folk are slipping through the cracks. By providing easy ways for teachers to be inclusive and by making resources for them, I cut down their unpaid working hours, help improve classroom management, and help the students who really need it all in one.

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