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the cozy creative ✌️🧡🦄

About me

I design and develop ux, apps, and games for diverse communities.

I also create [cozy] content, guides, and merch for others.

And I love working with people who want to build kind, cozy realities.

Getting into design and dev felt like finding a new favorite video game, and despite the long journey, I leveled up by doing a bunch of side quests (jobs) on my way here. Now, I get to help others by using my XP (experience) and powers (skills) for good. With inspiration, imagination, and innovation, we shape reality one project at a time.

On the side, I also:

  • code + create content / art
  • play video games / movies / shows
  • enjoy a cozy cardio / roller skate sesh

Other loves: self-care & matcha ♡

My roles and specialties


Mobile Designer

Game Developer

Let’s connect

What is your primary focus as an independent professional?

I promote the cozy lifestyle while designing and developing for diverse communities and individuals, helping them get to where they need to go.

What's the best way for someone to reach you for a collaboration or project opportunity?

Best way to reach me is my email jen@thejenvine.com or fill out my contact form here:

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