Leveling Up Leadership

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Jennifer Zondlo

Business Consultant/Team Development Coach
Leveling Up Leadership

About me

Leveling Up Leadership assists businesses with training and development strategies for front facing customer service staff and teams.

What qualities should a team and/or customer facing individual have in order to be successful at representing YOUR business, corporation and or brand?

Are you open to providing outside training and support for your team(s)?

Whether you are a start up company, run a call center, own a SASS company, have a sales team, operate an insurance agency, or work in the hospitality industry (essentially any business with a front facing customer element), we can provide support and training to improve your businesses retention and prepare for ascension in as little as 90 days or less.

Let us help you lead your team to the next level!

Book a strategy call with us today! https://calendly.com/jenniferzondlo/strategy-call

My roles and specialties

Business Consultant

Strategy & Planning, Business Operations

How have you benefited from mentors in your career?

Mentors are the backbone to enhancing personal growth and strengthening our skills and talents to prepare us for great opportunities and achieving success. I have had multiple mentors in my life for the past 17 years.

I can not claim to know it all. I feel called to mentor others and be their business consultant, accountability coach and provide ongoing training and workshops to their teams.

Being teachable, open to guidance and support is crucial for long-term mentorship/partnership.

It's a daily choice to level up our skills and remain humble through mentorship and reading

(because books are great mentors, too!).

Why do you love doing what you do?

"It's better when we are together." We need one another, to be cheerleaders and to always want to be better than our best. As a business owner, it's hard to be great at everything. We will always need one another. That's why having a coach, consultant and or counselor is so important to the growth and success of your business.

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