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Jibby Bond (they/he)

The Financial Zaddy

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Jibby Bond, has been in the accounting industry for over 20 years, and has been employed in a wide variety of businesses. With over twenty years in the realm of accounting, Jibby has worn various roles: from revolutionizing accounting infrastructures and shaping reports to teaming up with auditors and engaging with executive boardrooms. From budding startups to the big-league million-dollar ventures, they've got stories to tell and wisdom to share.

Beyond the numbers, Jibby's heart beats for the community. As a dynamic community spearhead and a non-binary person of color, they've danced through corporate mazes, feeling the beat of challenges and perspectives that many from their community face. Mixxo was chosen as the business name, reflecting their Indigenous lineage and identity. Mīxxō means “a section of the [fruit]’ or cane” ~ drawing a parallel to the importance of accounting in strategic business planning.

My roles and specialties

Financial Consultant

Accountant, Fractional CFO

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Why do you love doing what you do?

The opportunity to help people and empower them with financial wisdom brings so much joy to me!

How do you continue to grow your professional skills?

I'm currently working on getting my Data Analyst certification. I will always be learning and growing!

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