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locationDenton, TX United States

Juli James

Educator, technologist, game designer, and fellow biz owner.

About me

I’m Juli, and I wear a few hats.

Educator, technologist, game designer, and fellow biz owner.

In other words, I’m the person you want in your corner if you have a new idea for a digital product, funnel, or course but don't know where to start or how to get it set up. And don’t worry; If the idea of choosing and integrating all your tech has you breaking out in a cold sweat, I’ve got your back. There are a few ways to work with me – and I promise that each one will make your life easier! 

My roles and specialties




Let’s connect

What makes you uniquely special?

My superpowers: 





*Yes, play! This is an often-overlooked approach to problem-solving. It doesn’t mean I don’t take things seriously. It means I’m more willing to think outside of the box, be creative, and design innovative solutions for your business.

What does the perfect job look like to you?

Call me obsessed – in a good way.

I love all things technology, systems, and workflows … which admittedly might sound a bit boring, but can completely elevate your business! For more than 20 years, I’ve been creating engaging, innovative experiences.

Today, I help entrepreneurs and small business owners like you create and launch online courses and learning games. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I don’t want the fear of tech to hold you back from scaling your business. Especially when you can easily outsource it – in just one VIP Day! – and impact more people in the process. 

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