Julianne Vela, SWE

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locationBandon, OR United States

Julianne Vela

Software Engineer with a passion for using tech for good
Julianne Vela, SWE

About me

I'm a full-stack Software Engineer with a passion for problem-solving, tinkering, and building useful fools to help leave everything better off than I found it. I strive to break barriers while encouraging other neurodiverse womxn along the way. Always looking for new and interesting things to learn.

My roles and specialties

Full-Stack Web Development

ReactJS, NodeJS, SQL

Software Engineer

Agile Methodologies, Full-Stack Web Development, Remote Collaboration

Backend Developer

NodeJS, Django, REST/GraphQL

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What makes you uniquely special?

I believe what makes me uniquely special is my innate curiosity and drive for learning. I have found over the years that I learn the best when I'm able to teach others, and one of my biggest enjoyments in life is teaching someone else and watching them realize their own potential.

How do you continue to grow your professional skills?

I am always learning one thing or another. Whether that is a new technical tool, library, framework, or maybe even something soft-skills related like networking or branding. As a neurodiverse engineer, the soft-skills area is definitely where I try to put a concerted effort into because those do not necessarily come naturally to me. Logic, pattern recognition, and problem solving? These are skills that come naturally to me as my brain sees the world in this manner anyway so it's innate to approach my problems like this.

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