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It's a Kraken thing and we've got some stories to tell.
Kraken Kreative Studio

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My immersive story worlds celebrate the explosion of kreativity — to have fun, surprise you and to surprise myself along the way.

My head first plunged (feet being overrated) later in life "beast mode" creative state of existence; doors of opportunity slamming wide open for me to sashay through to the other side,

With a belief that humanity thrives on building powerful connections, aligning collective goals, and in resilience; leading-by-example, cheerleading for those unable to cheer for themselves, and advocating that more chairs of diversity be placed at all tables, Kraken Kreative Studio — Empathetic Relatability: Human-Centered Storytelling was formed.

You Are Invited On An Extraordinary Journey. . .

Dragon Slayer: Fight Another Day


Crude Ella Devil: Not Your Average Online Experience


You are invited on an extraordinary journey with a compass set to karma and synchronize directions to follow T.H.E. C.L.U.E.S.


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Content Creation

Affiliate Marketer

Let’s connect

How do you keep the creative fires burning?

I SERIOUSLY have ZERO control of the artistic vessel I am. It just shows up.

What is the most significant (to you) project you have worked on?


When two strangers, hiding secrets,  cross paths, unexplainable coincidences paired with unexpected memories unleash chaos in NYC, leaving it up to the hands of karma to restore order.


Astronaut Teala Azulé, forced to consider that the universe isn’t what it appeared to be after returning from space exploration. Being in a new city but still faced with the 'traumedy’ of life’s twists and turns. 

Caren, rich in optimistic-whimsy, with less than 5 dollars to her name, and Teala, cynical, with a life plan, and a tendency to avoid having conversations with strangers, are repeatedly brought together as Caren’s personality-forcing interaction–whether wanted or not. 

Like fortune cookies without a slip, Caren and Teala—both unaware they’re broken and tied together by an invisible bond of believing that secrets can be left behind when you move to NYC, are gradually becoming the catalyst for universal chaos to ensue—and it’s up to self-discovery journeys to restore order. 

It all builds to the final moment when visions, flashbacks, and Déjà vu-like memories have an uncanny and mystifying sense of familiarity, as perfect synchronicity—real-life Easter eggs—of the past, present, and future appear to find purpose in the chaos. 

Unexplainable Coincidences. Unexpected Memories. Ultimate Purpose.

You are invited on an extraordinary journey with a compass set to karma and synchronized directions to follow T.H.E. C.L.U.E.S.

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