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Katia Powell-Laurent

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HUED Mamas Co. of Black Girls Nutrition

About me

Katia Powell-Laurent is an award-winning nutrition and wellness expert, a practicing Holistic Nutrition Practitioner, maternal health researcher, Birth Doula, policy advocate, and the founder of Black Girls Nutrition – a digital nutrition company that provides culturally tailored nutritional solutions to women from the Black Diaspora.

Katia has helped her current and past clients lose over 100,000 lbs. She has been featured in People Magazine, Boston Business Journal, personally lost 200lbs, is a Robert Woods Johnson Scholar, completed five years of doctoral studies in nutrition/health policy and has 25 yrs + of expertise in nutrition, maternal health, health equity, food justice, public health and medicine.

My roles and specialties

Articles & Blog Posts Writer

Nutrition, Fertility Coaching, Health & Fitness

What makes you uniquely special?

What makes me uniquely special is my comprehensive blend of personal experience, professional expertise, and academic achievements in nutrition, maternal health, and wellness. My journey from overcoming personal health challenges to losing 200lbs, combined with a career that has enabled my clients to shed over 100,000 lbs, positions me as a testament to the transformative power of holistic health practices.

As the founder of Black Girls Nutrition, I've pioneered culturally tailored nutritional solutions, focusing on the unique needs of women from the Black Diaspora. This commitment extends to my role as a Birth Doula, where I support maternal health with a deep understanding of the disparities affecting Black women. My academic background, including doctoral studies in nutrition/health policy and recognition as a Robert Woods Johnson Scholar, enriches my approach, allowing me to advocate effectively for health equity and food justice. My work, celebrated in publications like People Magazine and the Boston Business Journal, and my 25+ years of experience across nutrition, public health, and medicine, reflect a dedication not just to individual wellness but to societal change.

Who inspires you?

My inspiration comes from the countless women within the Black Diaspora who navigate their health and wellness journeys amidst systemic challenges. The resilience and strength of these women fuel my dedication to providing culturally-tailored nutritional solutions and birth doula services. Furthermore, my personal journey of overcoming health barriers and losing 200lbs has been a significant source of motivation.

Professionals like fellow researchers in maternal health, pioneers in health equity, and those committed to food justice also inspire me. Their groundbreaking work in creating a more equitable and healthy future for all, especially in maternal health and nutrition, motivates me to contribute positively to this field."

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