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Kris Cote

Big Technology, Big Data for Small Business
Beyondcode Canada

About me

See how I can put your small business in the big leagues. Have big ideas? I will help your small business innovate, and implement new technologies like:

  • 3D Printing, Scanning & Design
  • Robotics, Drones & Automation
  • Smart Industry, Retail , Healthcare & Agriculture
  • A/R, V/R, X/R with Unity & Unreal Engine
  • Omni Stack Software Development
  • AI, Machine Learning

Case Study #1: 

GoDelivR / GoDrivR - Mobile & Web apps, AI backend, multiple API integrations

Case Study #2: 

Sixth Sense - Human assisted AI for Radiology, Object, Face, Person & Mood Detection

Case Study #3:

Undisclosed - Extended range for Over the Air Power distribution - powering ioT and charging small devices over RF power distribution upto 4km

My roles and specialties

Backend Developer

IT Solutions Specialist

IT consultant

Mobile Apps Developer

My portfolio

Visit these portfolio pieces to see more of my work.

What kinds of projects are you open to?

I am open to big and small R&D projects, MVP design and development (software / hardware) and general business technology problem solving.

What is your primary focus as an independent professional?

I My primary focus is to advance the use of technology in small business. To create, innovate and to test the limits of business technology.

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