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Kristen Adams

Kristen Adams, MAVRIK - The Business Growth Agency
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About me

Kristen Adams here, Founder of MAVRIK - The Business Growth Agency. Building brands is more of a hobby than a job for me and I've spent years learning, practicing, failing, and growing my skillset to become as valuable as I can for the benefit of the companies I serve. I very much enjoy working alongside entrepreneurs that are passionate about doing good in the world. I am a self-starter, have very high standards for my work, and want the absolute best outcomes for every one of my clients.

I created MAVRIK to help entrepreneurs and business leaders harness the power of holistic brand and marketing strategies to build brands that stick and scale better with time. We leverage continuous brand improvement strategies for getting ideal customers in a specific market to not just buy one, but "buy-in" to you and your mission.

My roles and specialties

Marketing Strategy


Web Designer

Have you always been independent? What has your career trajectory been?

Pretty much! In my early years in college I had the opportunity to work as an independent contractor for a great "boss" in the nonprofit world that allowed me to learn and try so many new things. It's how I fell in love with marketing, graphic design, and event planning even through my degree is in accounting! Since then I've been a freelance marketer, graphic and web designer working from home while raising 4 boys. Since they are all in school now I took a job working directly for a former client. I've maintained a steady client base in addition to that gig as well because I would get very bored only doing one thing.

What makes you uniquely special?

I have a very broad skillset, a "jack of all trades" type, and I have an insatiable love for learning new things. I view every client's business as if it were my own -- and pride myself on being efficient and purposeful with the projects I take on. If I sign up to "own your brand", I will baby it like it's my own and work like hell to make you successful.

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