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locationLas Vegas, NV United States

Lorrie May Manuel

Interdisciplinary designer

About me

Helloooo there, I'm Lorrie May Manuel. Yes, two first names!

I'm an interdisciplinary designer who currently works as a one-woman studio. I specialize in UI/UX Design, Website Creation, Branding, and Illustration. I've done work for brands such as Dunkin', Wendy's, Honey Baked Ham, academia, and etc.

I dove into being a one-woman studio because I love working for smaller brands and creating magic ✨! Creating a logo design or illustration from ideation to creation is such a joyous process for me. I get to build and create an experience. Alongside doing these projects with you, I give marketing tips and tricks to bump up your business. I call it Creative Coaching.

Running my own studio may be challenging but it is worth seeing companies thrive with life with all the cohesive branding from logos, patterns to full websites.

Hope we can create magic together. ✨


💌 See below on how we can collaborate together, we'll schedule a disco-date or clicking on contact button.

My roles and specialties

Graphic Designer

Brand Identity, Packaging, Logo Design

Website Design

UI/UX Design, Prototyping, Product Flow


Mid-Century & Japanese Artistic Style, Stickers/Pins, Hand-lettering

Let’s connect

What is your pricing?

Ahhh, a common question. I can not give you a preset price as it does all depend on what scope of work is needed. More specifically on websites! Branding is more straight-forward. Starting pricing for branding packages is $2,500+ (varies again). 📆 So, we'll need to schedule a disco-date to discuss further, see further details below.

How do I get started and what is a disco-date?

To get started, we're going on a date! I call it a disco-date. We'll have to get to know each other so we can collaborate.

What's a disco-date? Short for discovery-date. Discover what your needs are, get to know you on a mini-date and discuss deadlines.

✏️ Ready to pencil in a disco-date? See you soon! 💌

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