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Lyndon Wesley

Music producer, guitarist and serial collaborator.
Lyndon Wesley Music

About me

Hi, I'm Lyndon and I've been a musician for...forever! I specialise in creating vast, sonic landscapes, especially with guitars. And I'm a sucker for a simple, hummable melody!


Music is the one constant in my life, an ever present teacher. It's also the lense through which I see and hear the world and the language I use to connect with others. Hearing an artist's new song in the studio for the first time is always a privilege. I love those moments and I love helping to bring out the best in a performance.

Confession Time

I'm a bit of a guitar tragic. My wife says I'm a nerd, and she's probably right! I was young when I caught the bug and I've never looked back. Guitar has since become an integral part of my writing and composing process.

Work With Me

Do you have a project you're working on or new music that needs some love? I'm keen to hear what you've got going on and if I think I can assist or add something special, even better. Let's work together!

My roles and specialties


Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter


Arranger, Composer, Artist Development

Who inspires you?

I'm inspired and surprised by honesty and vulnerability. I believe these two traits have the power to move and break even the hardest heart. They're also two things I personally find challenging to surrender to in my own work. So whenever I hear music or witness anything that exhibits these qualities I'm almost always overwhelmingly inspired.

How do you keep the creative fires burning?

I've never had a problem staying creative or keeping myself inspired. That's another benefit of working in an area of passion I guess. A valuable lesson I've had to learn (again) is that time away from 'work' is not wasted time. In fact it's necessary, healthy and perhaps more important than I ever realised.

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