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locationRotterdam, ZH Nederland

Manon Eline Visser

Destination photographer - Weddings, Retreats and Portraits
Manon Eline Visser Photography

About me

Hi there! I'm a fulltime photographer (32) from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. I used to combine my photography with a corporate marketing job but at the end of 2021 I decided to go all in and follow my biggest passion.

I used to focus mostly on weddings and everything around family life: preganancies, newbornshoots and stuff like that. Since 2023 I'm focusing more and more on everything holistic, spiritual and conscious and that's when my second business was born: The Retreat Photographer. Under this brand I'm shooting worldwide at retreats, ceremonies and I'm alsof offering branding- and portraitshoots.

Every 2-3 months I'm travelling to Ibiza and the rest depends on my clients. Bali is scheduled for November.

I get really happy from watching sunsrises and sunsets, meeting new people and visiting new places, everything holistic and nature. Owning a campervan is on my bucketlist.

My roles and specialties

Photo Editor

Retoucher, Remove stuff from background, Make skin more beautiful

Local Photographer

Guiding how to pose, Taking good pictures, Making people feel more comfortable


Ibiza, Mostly plane, Travelling for work, taking gear with me

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How do you continue to grow your professional skills?

I want to keep learning so when I'm editing I'm always listening to interesting podcasts about entrepeneurship or mindset topics. I'm also having a business coach who's helping me evolve and grow in my business and skills.

Have you always been independent? What has your career trajectory been?

I used to work for a Camera Retailer as a marketeer and Graphic Designer (that's what I studied). After a couple of years freelaning in the weekend next to my fulltime job I decided to work 4 days, after that 3.... After that 2... and then my employer said why don't you go all in? I believe in you! And that was the last little kick I needed to fo fulltime. Now I never want it to be different hihi.

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