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Marco Robinson

Marketing Director and Content Creator at Ci-Lovers

About me

I'm a self-made content creator and the driving force behind Ci-Lovers, a brand born out of my aspiration to become a cinematographer. Starting with just a phone and no professional gear, I embarked on a journey four years ago, transforming limitations into creative opportunities. My passion for filmmaking and cinematography fueled me to consistently produce and share content, teaching myself every aspect of digital creation and marketing along the way. From writing articles to forging brand partnerships, I've crafted a unique identity in the digital world. My story is one of resilience and innovation, showcasing how dedication and resourcefulness can turn dreams into reality.

My roles and specialties

Creative Writer


How do you continue to grow your professional skills?

My professional growth has been largely self-driven and rooted in the challenges I've faced. Starting with minimal resources, I've learned to be resourceful and adaptive. I continuously push the boundaries of creativity by experimenting with different content forms using just my phone. Engaging with my audience on Ci-Lovers and keeping up with the latest trends in filmmaking and cinematography helps me stay ahead. Additionally, writing articles and collaborating with various brands has broadened my perspective and skill set. I believe in learning by doing – each new project is an opportunity to refine my skills and explore new dimensions of my craft. My journey is a testament to the fact that with persistence and passion, one can turn limitations into opportunities for growth and innovation.

What makes you uniquely special?

What sets me apart is my journey of starting from scratch and building a successful brand with sheer determination and creativity. I began with no formal equipment – just a phone and a vision. This limitation fostered a unique approach to content creation, where I learned to maximize minimal resources. My growth as a content creator, writer, and marketer wasn't just a necessity but became my strength. The versatility of my skills, combined with a deep passion for cinematography and storytelling, allows me to bring a distinctive perspective to everything I do. My brand, Ci-Lovers, is not just a platform but a reflection of my journey – a blend of resourcefulness, resilience, and innovation. This narrative of turning constraints into creative opportunities is what makes me uniquely special.

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