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Peter Ariwaodo

Peter Ariwaodo,MC/Writer/Business Analyst/Content Creator

About me

I am a great team player with standing experience that spans across Customer service, Relationship Management, asset management, Treasury, Banking /Finance and Business Analytics, Social media Management, Content Creation, Consulting. Because i enjoy doing these lines of buisness endeavours, i put in more than is required on the job. Creativity is what i look forward to implementing in my client's and or employer's assignments. This is why my creer objective is to excel in a performance driven organisation where creativity, passion and smart working are appreciated and rewarded. There has to be value added services to be obtained from my involvement in all assignments and roles that i play in the organisation.

My roles and specialties

Email Copywriter

Creativity, Analytical, Media Content Creation

Social Media Management

Content Creation, Engagement, Editorials

Account Support Manager

Invoicing, Finacial Analysis, Reports

How do you keep the creative fires burning?

My Creative fire is kept burning by Continous improvement in learning, attending events, taking up editorial /media related assignment,Visiting places and participating in leadership roles. I get myself motivated every now and then by being Happy.

The influence of my Social Media content cannot be overemphasized here because that is one of the means to propagate and disseminate Motivation and Happiness. Events are aired on the channels and website, knowledge is shared, opportunities are created and everyone is happy. Stress is a killer and therefore, i try to undertake activities and create mood that are Anti-Stress in nature. I believe that Distress results from the Inability to cope and combat Stress, My online TV (OmiomioTV) is a stress reliever as programmes on that viewing platform are designed to provide Motivational vibes, Comedy related programmes/interviews for relaxing your nerves,

Have you always been independent? What has your career trajectory been?

I have always had a mix of career activities and trajectory.Peter is the promoter of Omiomio TV.Having done Banking for an upward of 18 years within which he went round the spheres of banking operations, credit/risk management, corporate banking and Commercial Banking, In 2003 at Zenith Bank Plc, Peter worked in Operation and service management. He moved on to Bank PHB Plc which later transformed into Keystone Bank where He worked as Service Manager/Head of Operations until he was again moved to Corporate Bank Division in a Relationship Management role. Afterwards, Peter was redeployed to Credit Evaluation Unit where he performed Risk management functions. He then moved on to Commercial banking where he assumed the Branch Manager in various branches.


In 2019, Peter joined Cititrust Holdings Plc and led the team as the Ag. Chief Executive of South Atlantic Asset Management Company Pty Ltd Botswana-A subsidiary of Cititrust Holdings Plc. Shortly after,He became a consultant with PraiseMix Int'l- an online content creation organization functioning as the Chief Financial Officer and senior on- air-presenter OAP) an area where he is very gifted.


Peter holds a Bsc (Economics) from University of Ilorin, MBA(Financial Mgt) Lagos State University and Msc(Business Analytics) in view at University of Essex in the United Kingdom. He holds membership, associate of the Institute of Chartered Economists of Nigeria as well as, Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Loans &Risk Mgt Nigeria

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