Phoenix Enterprises of Georgia dba Phoenix Marketing, Graphic and Web Design Services

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locationAtlanta, GA United States

Richard Brown

Owner, Solutions Expert, Web Designer and Graphic Designer
Phoenix Enterprises of Georgia dba Phoenix Marketing, Graphic and Web Design Services

About me

Growing up I did not know what I wanted to be or do with my life. Originally, I wanted to go into the medical field, but really I do not like math at all, so I could never be a great surgeon. Then I wanted to be a lawyer, judge and perhaps even the president, but I really found the law to have too many shades of grey. Thankfully during high school I was given the opportunity to work at the McDuffie Progress in Thomson, GA where I was able to create graphic and web designs. Here I learned the meaning behind helping customers. I learned and developed a passion for helping others and their companies become successful and not being all about the money, but helping each client I can. I love my job and my company.

My roles and specialties

Graphic Designer

Websites, Digital design, Brand Identity

Business Consultant

Business Operations, Marketing, Strategy & Planning

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Why do you have a Phoenix as your Logo?

I have my Logo also as a large tattoo on my leg. Looking back into ancient times there stands a bird that is so beautiful and one that cannot be turned away, he overcomes with the greatest of victory any challenge that he faces. This great bird literally burns itself and dies to even defeat death.

I am not who I want to be - yet. I am not who I am going to be - yet. But, I am better today than I was yesterday. I am defeating each challenge that comes before me. I refuse to be burned. I will rise like the mighty Phoenix and I will also assist each customer to do the same.

How do you continue to grow your professional skills?

I do love to read and study and even take courses online in an effort to gain more knowledge and skills that I might use or that I can just use as more useless knowledge for use one day.

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