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Samara Bierria-Anderson

Content Strategist & Social Media Manager
SJ Social Studio

About me

I have diverse experience in the field of social media management and content creation. My expertise lies in helping small businesses and communities share their products with the world. I specialize in developing and implementing content strategies to help grow my clients target audience and achieve business goals. To accomplish these goals, I draft, curate and post social content including copywriting and graphic design, as well as monitor engagement metrics with key data insights to help identify improvements. So, how can I help your business grow?

My roles and specialties

Digital Content Strategist

Social Media Management

Content Creation, Graphic Designing

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How do you keep the creative fires burning?

To help mitigate burn out and a creative fog I prioritize self care. I know that when my creativity is lacking, it's most likely because I'm tired or have been staring at a computer far too long. So, I take a step back, go for a walk, read, etc. and wait for my next great idea!

What is the most significant (to you) project you have worked on?

When I first started a career in communications I was given a project to revamp our agency's website. I was excited to use my creativity and interest in design to develop something amazing. As the project progressed, I learned that while having an aesthetically pleasing design is great, the language and message we were relaying is what mattered the most. I became invested in prioritizing our message, and as a result my interest in developing brand identity, copywriting and design all folded together. If it were not for this project, I probably wouldn't be the Content Strategist I am today.

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