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Shane Conrad

Workflow Always. Everything Airtable. No Code ALWAYS.
Shane Conrad

About me

Born and raised in Indiana, currently living my country Dolly Parton daydreams in Knoxville, TN with my amazing partner of 3 years, Justin! We have two cats: Heffalump and Woozle. They are brother Siamese cats.

I'm professionally and academically trained in theatre and production management, having worked in the industry for a decade. After covid rocked the world, I had to pivot into a new type of work. Freelancing online provided a way to leverage my skills in a digital space, and clients really loved my work! After three years, I'm excited to continue expanding my business, connecting with clients that want to get organized and streamline utilizing software tools. I'd love to connect to learn how my skills can help your business thrive!

My roles and specialties

Backend Developer


Have you always been independent? What has your career trajectory been?

I actually began my career in theatre and production management. This is what I studied in college and began working in post-college. I worked for a small professional theatre in the American Southeast. I was passionate about keeping productions running smoothly and organized. After COVID, there wasn't any work available in the performing arts industry, so I started applying my organizational skills to freelance online. It was a big change, but the skills I learned on the stage have been invaluable to how I approach my work with clients.

What is the most significant (to you) project you have worked on?

I work with a client in the UK who connects refugee entrepreneurs there with micro funding to get the tools and resources they need to get their businesses up and running. Over the last year, my client and I have built a website portal and data back end to track funding, and get entrepreneurs the resources they need as quickly as possible. I've loved being a part of something that really makes an impact in the community to help people succeed in their businesses.

What kinds of projects are you open to?

My biggest focus for the last 3 years has been creating workflows with no-code software tools like: Airtable, Zapier,, and many others. Integrating apps together to build a workflow that really WORKS for the client. I built, consult, and re-build these systems. If you need help in your business to get more streamlined and organized using online no code tools, let's chat!

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