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Suzanne Meyer

Innovative Virtual Biz: Empowering small business owners!

About me

As a solopreneur, I'm passionate about revolutionizing the way businesses operate in the digital age. With my expertise and dedication, I provide virtual business services that harness the power of creativity to drive success. I understand the need for flexible solutions that adapt to your unique needs.

My mission is to empower other small business owners thrive in the virtual realm by leveraging innovative technologies and out-of-the-box thinking. With my help, you can streamline your operations, expand your reach, and stay ahead of the competition. 

Whether you're just starting or already established, my tailored solutions will cater to your specific goals and challenges. Let's embark on this exciting journey of creativity, innovation, and digital transformation together. Contact me today, and let's unlock new opportunities for success in your business venture.

My roles and specialties

Virtual Assistant

Admin, Bookkeeping, Data Entry

What's the best way for someone to reach you for a collaboration or project opportunity?

You can reach me through various means of communication:

Social Media Profiles:

  • Instagram: instagram.com/meyermoments26
  • Facebook: facebook.com/meyer.suz
  • Facebook Business Page: facebook.com/invisionva
  • TikTok: tiktok.com/@suzi_411

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Have you always been independent? What has your career trajectory been?

My professional journey has been filled with diverse experiences and roles in administration. It all began when I started working independently as a medical transcriptionist in 2006. However, my passion for office work and assisting businesses and customers had already been ignited during my time as a receptionist at the Chamber of Commerce. I found tremendous fulfillment in that role and knew I wanted to pursue a career in office administration. 

Before diving into the world of administration, I had a background in the medical field. Combining my medical knowledge with my love for office work, I decided to enroll in a medical secretary/transcriptionist program. During college, I also gained valuable experience in billing and provided assistance to the nursing department. 

After college, I ventured into the fields of transcription and medical billing, eventually making the leap into independent work. Since then, I've explored various roles in administration, both within the healthcare industry and beyond. Additionally, I've offered my services as a freelancer, providing valuable support in resume writing, transcription, billing, bookkeeping, digital design, article/newsletter writing, and documentation services. 

The culmination of my experiences and expertise has led to the establishment of my business, inVisionVa. Through this venture, I take pride in offering comprehensive administrative services, leveraging the insights and skills I've gained throughout my career.

How do you continue to grow your professional skills?

I have an insatiable passion for learning! Constantly seeking out new cutting-edge technologies and processes is my way of making life easier, not just for myself but for my clients! My ultimate goal is to assist my clients in streamlining their day-to-day operations. After all, isn't that precisely why you have an assistant/manager? Absolutely! As your right-hand partner, I'm dedicated to staying informed and up-to-date. How do I achieve this? Through relentless research, I keep myself in the loop with the latest technologies and closely monitor your competitors' activities. Consider me your invaluable insider, always ready to enhance your efficiency and success!

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