Thaiane Assumpcao OÜ

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locationSão Carlos, SP Brasil

Thaiane Assumpcao

Biotech, Pharma & Medical Brazilian Translation Specialist
Thaiane Assumpcao OÜ

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Whether you are a Biotech Research company pioneering a new class of molecules and technologies, a Big Pharmaceutical Manufacturing multinational aiming to reach new consumers or a Clinical Research Organization supporting Health & Pharma companies across all phases of device and drug development and marketing, I can help you to overcome barriers and reach the Brazilian market.

HOW: As a native Brazilian Portuguese biologist translator with Structural & Cell Biology Ph.D. studies, I take advantage of almost two decades’ expertise and provide top-notch translation solutions — backed up by Translation Memories and Quality Control technologies — from English into Brazilian Portuguese.

Would you like to work with a biologist translator with Ph.D. studies that knows the industry and founded a company to help you make smart decisions?

I can be your best partner!

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Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Medicine


Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Medicine

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