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Toshia Hanson

A VA that serves Interior Designers & Real Estate Agents

About me

Find yourself navigating through design complexities and real estate challenges?

Hi, I'm Toshia, your virtual design and real estate assistant. My finance and retail expertise keep projects smooth and budgets in check, while my expertise in digital marketing attracts dream buyers.

  • No design drama: I decode property potential, crafting strategic renovations that boost value and wow buyers. Staging magic and targeted marketing make your space the market's must-see.
  • Stress-free success: I handle logistics, paperwork, and negotiations, ensuring a seamless transaction. Let's craft a masterpiece that reflects your style, maximizes your investment, and leaves buyers breathless.
  • Ready? Let's chat about your real estate and design dreams. I'll tailor a plan that fits your vision and budget and become your on-call partner for market insights, design inspiration, and celebration.

Together, we'll work to turn your design and real estate businesses into a successful life you love.

My roles and specialties

Virtual Assistant

Market Research, Lead Generation, Administration

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How do you continue to grow your professional skills?

In this ever-evolving world of real estate and design, I believe in constant learning and expansion. Hence, I'm a lifelong student, taking courses and learning the wisdom of industry leaders like a design-hungry chameleon.

My toolkit for growth:

  • Course Connoisseur: Operating a Business: You have to invest time and money. I often take paid or free courses to sharpen my skills, get inspiration, and discover new trends.
  • Social media : I use social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and TikTok.) I follow businesses that are in both industries and VAs like myself, gathering tips and tricks from their journeys.
  • Networking: Networking helps build connections with VAs, marketers, and business experts, fuels my knowledge, and expands my horizons.
  • Event enthusiast: My plan for this year and beyond is to attend industry gatherings, soak up the energy, and build valuable relationships that can lead to partnerships.

But it's not just about skills:

  • Mindset: I strive to cultivate a positive attitude, turning challenges into opportunities and setbacks into stepping stones.
  • Time Management: This is one of the most important skills every VA needs to take into consideration. This helps me juggle tasks with efficiency, ensuring I have time for both learning and serving clients.
  • Self-care: A healthy, happy me is a better VA for you. I prioritize self-respect and recharge my batteries regularly.

I am constantly evolving and investing in myself to become the best partner for my clients needs.

Why do you love doing what you do?

I have had an unknowingly strong love for interior design, organization, and decor since childhood. My corporate experience in finance and selling in retail gave me the tools to navigate the world, but the pull of design remained.

That's where the idea of being a virtual assistant comes in. It's the perfect blend of my passion and my skills. I get to work with brilliant interior designers and real estate professionals, helping them bring their visions to life. It's not just about tasks; it's about the journey. I orchestrate projects, manage finances, market their masterpieces, and free them to focus on their creative genius.

Let's not forget the perks! No office commute, just the freedom to craft my own schedule. I have the flexibility to work 2–5 hours, or 8 hours. I can squeeze in errands and spend time with loved ones. Being an entrepreneur gives me the opportunity to create wealth for myself and future generations.

But the true joy? It's seeing the client's face light up when their dream space becomes reality. It's knowing that my contribution, big or small, helped their business be successful.

So, if you're an interior designer or real estate agent who craves a seamless, productive, proficient partner that will help your business get results, let us chat. I look forward to working with you.

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