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Trina Louise VA

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locationEugene, OR United States

Trina Louise

Dependable, Organized and Efficient Virtual Assistant
Trina Louise VA

About me

Hello and welcome! My name is Trina. I created my virtual assistant business after spending several years in the field of education only to realize that the one part of the job that I truly enjoyed, the part where I excelled the most, was not the actual classroom instruction, but rather the planning and organizing part that took place in the background.

Realizing that so many of the efficiency skills I had acquired as a teacher could be applied to any business, I decided to open my own online service helping small business owners with administration tasks.

My first client as a VA was with an online gift shop owner on Etsy. I was hired to organize her inbox and streamline her calendars. Over time I became amazed at the difference my small changes were making, not only to her business but to her stress level as well!

So I now I work full time as a virtual administrative assistant helping small business owners clean up the loose ends and get their businesses running smoothly.

My roles and specialties

Administrative Assistant

Email & Calendar Management

Content Creation

newsletters, ebooks, informationals

Data Entry Specialist

research, reports, cloud based filing

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My portfolio

Visit these portfolio pieces to see more of my work.





How It Works

How It Works

What traits do you think most business owners are looking for in a virtual assistant?

I think most business owners are looking for someone who is organized, is a clear communicator, is not afraid to ask questions, and is detail oriented. They want someone they can trust with their sensitive information who will treat their business like it’s their own. 

They also want someone who is willing to figure things out on their own and be open to constant learning. Business owners want someone on their team that will go beyond the scope of a task or project and offer solutions or ways to improve it without being asked.

What is the latest project you completed?

The last project I completed was for a group of women belonging to a wedding party. They requested an ebook for the hostess of the bridal shower who was having a bit of trouble getting started with the plans. I researched proper etiquette for a bridal shower and used Canva for the graphics.

You can view the ebook here

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