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locationJacksonville, FL United States

Yacnara Martinez

I am an eternal learner. I love books and podcasts.
Charmed Services

About me

Charmed Services is a woman owned virtual admin assist company. I am an open mindset type of person, enthusiastic and positive. I love everything life has to offer and thankful for every minute of it. I love to talk... and boy I can talk, but most of the time I just listen, it grounds me to my surrounding and connects me to the moment. I love to sing and dance consider it the universal language. Quiet time with a cup of coffee and a book is my prize at the end of a work week.

My roles and specialties


Bilingual- Spanish, Virtual Assistant, Bookkeeper

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Why do you love doing what you do?

I am an entrepreneur at heart, love helping. I am an eternal learner, I love challenges and discovering new things, reading a good book and listening to podcasts. I believe anything is possible if you put enough desire and effort. I am a helper, the giving is far more satisfying than the receiving.

How do you continue to grow your professional skills?

Challenges, Reading books, going to seminars, courses and last but most importantly form people. I am amazed by the capability and strengths of us Human Beings.

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