Indy vs. Dubsado

Indy is more flexible, easier to use, and has every tool you need at unbeatable pricing. Get the best and most affordable Dubsado alternative for your business.
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Indy vs. Dubsado

Why choose Indy over Dubsado?

Indy and Dubsado are both project management software designed to take the stress and chaos out of running an independent business. Dive into the chart below to see how Indy shines as a Dubsado alternative.
Free plan
Pro plan
(Pro plan)
(Premier plan)
Automated workflows
(Pro plan)
Zapier integration
(Pro plan)
Intuitive user interface
Client portal
(Pro plan)
Real-time chats
Dashboard insights
Contract management
Edit contracts
Custom fonts & branding
(Pro plan)
Electronic signatures
File storage and sharing
Embed forms
Billing & Invoicing
Accept flexible payment options
Recurring invoices
(Pro plan)
PayPal and Stripe integrations
Automatic time tracking
Kanban boards
Tags and Milestones for tasks
Organize tasks by priority
Proposal management
White labeling
(Pro plan)
Embed music, social media profiles, and Pinterest moodboards in proposals
Unsplash integration for designing proposals
Scheduling integration in proposals
Educational courses for freelancers
Collaborative network for freelancers
Indy vs Dubsado: How We Compare
Indy and Dubsado have robust tool suites for onboarding and collaborating with clients, managing projects, collecting payments, and more. However, Dubsado is missing important project management features that freelancers need to have more control over their businesses. Let’s look at these differences in more detail.
Comparing the Similarities
Indy and Dubsado offer user-friendly management tools for proposals, contracts, forms, invoices, time tracking, client portals, to-do lists, and Kanban boards. These tools integrate with Zapier for workflow automation, connecting you to 1,000+ apps for seamless collaboration. Both platforms allow integrated payments for credit cards and bank transfers, with real-time payment alerts.
Weighing the Differences
Indy stands out for its user-friendliness, effortless to-do list organization, real-time chats, and secure file storage and sharing capabilities. Offering 10GB storage (500MB per file) with the Free plan and 1TB storage (no file size limits) for the Pro plan, only with Indy can you keep all your files in one place and share them easily with clients. And at a fraction of HoneyBook's cost, Indy offers access to powerful automations, real-time chats, and integrations. Make the smart choice with Indy!
Why you should choose Indy?
You have a lot of expenses, and the tools you use shouldn’t have to break the bank. Not only is Indy one of the only project management software that offers a powerful Free plan, but Indy Pro is available for a fraction of Dubsado’s pricing.
A simple, clean interface
Nobody has time to learn new software. Indy’s incredibly simple user interface means there is virtually no learning curve to using Indy’s tool suite, so you can start working the second you sign up.
Robust task management
It can be challenging to manage client projects if you don’t have the proper tools to help you balance the workload. Indy lets you prioritize tasks with drag-and-drop ease, set milestones, add tags, and chat with clients in real-time.
Dedicated to your growth
Indy University has educational courses that teach you how to overcome any challenges along the way. And with the Indy Community, you can network with fellow creatives, collaborate on projects, and even gain new clients through referrals.
What do freelancers say about Indy?
Indy received a 4.7/5 on Capterra for being easy to use and the best value for freelancers.
Designed from the ground up for freelancers.
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What is

Indy is a powerful Dubsado alternative that helps freelancers and small business owners manage and grow their businesses—onboard clients, sign contracts online, manage projects, send invoices, and accept payments. It was designed from the ground up specifically for freelancers and small business owners, and its robust productivity tools have been fine-tuned to the needs of freelancers around the world.

What is

Dubsado software is a project management tool for freelancers and small business owners. Its range of features is designed to streamline work processes and improve the organization of client relationships. Dubsado also includes several features for accounting and client CRM. Because of this, Dubsado’s pricing costs higher than other project management software like Indy.