Indy vs. Fiverr Workspace

Freelancers need a strong system to help them overcome the challenges that come with finding clients, balancing multiple projects, and chasing after payments. Indy and Fiverr Workspace make it easy, giving you a powerful tool suite to manage your independent business from start to finish.

Let’s investigate these two popular project management software so that you can make the best decision for your business.
Indy vs. Fiverr Workspace


Indy and Fiverr Workspace are project management platforms that help you from client onboarding to payment and everything in between. Although both platforms have a similar productivity tool suite, there are some key differences in the approach each software takes that we’ll explore down this page.

What is

Indy is a project management software that’s designed specifically to help freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners run their independent businesses with just one software. With its easy-to-use tool suite, you can onboard new clients, send contracts, manage projects, keep track of time, create custom automated workflows, and get paid fast. Indy’s interface is extremely user-friendly, giving you value the second you sign up.

What is
Fiver Workspace?

Fiverr Workspace (formerly known as AND.CO) is a project management software that was acquired by the popular freelance job board site, Fiverr. It provides a tool suite to help freelancers with project and client management, time tracking, invoicing, and scheduling. Fiverr Workspace is aimed at helping independent business owners streamline their work and operations from one place.
Free plan
Pro plan
(Pro plan)
(Unlimited plan)
Free Pro plan trial
Automated workflows
(Pro plan)
Zapier integration
(Pro plan)
Dashboard insights
Ready-made contract templates
Editable contracts
(Unlimited plan)
Electronic signatures
File storage
(Up to 1TB for Pro plan)
Lead capture forms
Drag-and-drop content blocks
Billing & Invoicing
Flexible payment options
Recurring invoices
(Pro plan)
(Unlimited plan)
PayPal and Stripe integration
Automatic time tracking
Kanban boards
Tags and Milestones for tasks
Organize tasks by priority
Proposal builder
White labeling
(Pro plan)
(Unlimited plan)
Embed music, social media profiles, and Pinterest moodboards in proposals
Unsplash integration for designing proposals
Scheduling integration in proposals
Built-in calendar app
Educational courses for freelancers
Collaborative network for freelancers
Indy vs Fiverr Workspace: How We Compare
As you can see from the chart, Indy and Fiverr Workspace have a powerful tool suite that helps you pitch prospective clients, manage projects, collect payments, and much more. Although, there are multiple important features missing from Fiverr Workspace that freelancers and small business owners should be aware of. Let’s break down these differences in more detail.
Comparing the Similarities
Indy and Fiverr Workspace are two of the very few project management software to offer a robust Free plan.

Both platforms feature easy-to-use management tools that let you create and send proposals, contracts, and invoices, along with automatic time tracking and to-do lists. These tools integrate with Zapier to create workflow automations that cut your work time in half. Besides creating powerful workflow automations, Zapier lets you connect Indy and Fiverr Workspace to 1,000+ of your favorite apps so that you never have to do the same task twice.
You can also accept payments directly through Indy and Fiverr Workspace with integrated payments for credit cards, bank transfers, PayPal, and Stripe. You can even receive alerts so that you’ll know the second an invoice gets paid.
Weighing the Differences
While there are many similarities shared between Indy and Fiverr Workspace’s core tools, you’ll find some important differences when it comes to how you customize and manage projects, contracts, and proposals. For starters, Indy provides a deeper project management experience with Kanban boards that make it easier to manage multiple projects and clients.

You’ll also have greater freedom to customize contracts and proposals. Indy has a free-edit mode for contracts available in the Free plan, where you can edit every detail in your contract. While editable contracts are available in Fiver Workspace, they can only be found on the Pro plan.
Proposals have greater flexibility in Indy than in Fiverr Workspace. You can embed Spotify songs, YouTube videos, social media profiles, and much more directly into your proposal. You’ll even get intake forms, feedback forms, and surveys to help you manage client relationships.

File storage can only be found in Indy. With the Free plan, you can upload up to 10GB of files (500MB per file), while the Pro plan gives you 1TB of file storage with zero file size limits.

And finally, the biggest reason to choose Indy comes down to the pricing and the value that you get with the Pro plan. With Indy, you’ll get access to custom branding, white labeling, and unlimited clients for half the price of Fiverr Workspace!
Why you should choose Indy?
You have a lot of expenses, and the tools you use shouldn’t have to break the bank. You can showcase your brand, edit contracts, and remove Indy’s branding for half the price of Fiverr Workspace.
Richer task management
It’s hard to manage client projects if you don’t have the proper tools to help you balance the workload. Indy gives you Kanban boards and automated workflows that make it easy to handle any project.
Easy-to-use tools
The last thing you need is software that makes it hard for you to find the tools you need. Indy is known for having a powerful yet simple interface that’s easy to use from the moment you sign up.
Dedicated to your growth
Indy provides the Indy Community, a network you can join to collaborate with other creatives on projects for clients, and provides the opportunity to gain referrals and expand your client network.
What do freelancers say about Indy?
Indy received a 4.7/5 on Capterra for being easy to use and the best value for freelancers.
Designed from the ground up for freelancers.
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