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Indy is an all-in-one platform to help you manage your freelance or consulting business.

Our Pro Bundle gives you access to powerful marketing, workflow, and payment tools. When you combine these with the latest news it’s simpler than ever to start, grow, and operate a successful independent business.

You have unlimited potential with the Pro Bundle.

Market your business

The best tools for making waves.


Grow your leads, gather project information, and request testimonials with forms.


Start new client relationships on the right foot with a flexible proposal and estimate builder.


Connect and network with other freelancers and consultants.


Manage tasks simply and stay organized with this project management tool.


Communicate in real time and on your time.


Keep all your work files in one place and easily share them with your clients.

Manage your projects

The best tools for making progress.

Get paid faster

The best tools for making money.


Use the best legally-sound contract templates for peace of mind.

Time Tracker

Record, report, and get paid for your time with online time tracking.


Get paid quickly and easily using our invoice template.

Many tools are available wherever you work.

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Get work, and get work done.

Indy - Powerful online marketing, workflow, and payment tools. Essential information and news.

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