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Infinity Jasele

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Infinity Jasele

About me

Because if you spend marketing dollars to drive traffic to your digital assets, you want to make sure that you optimize the user interface to create an easy to navigate and intuitive user experience. You want to make sure that search engines can easily list your solution to potential visitors. It’s all about maximizing your opportunity to convert visitors into users, and ultimately into buyers and advocates.

I am here to help! So let's work together. : )

I'll fix problems.

If there is one thing I am passionate about it's solving problems, and technology provides just enough passion to solve problems. And I won’t fix them by coming up with a solution and just throwing it up there. I combine research, data, market fit, and timing. I get to use empathy to find a solution. I get to meet real people, see how that problem affects them, how it makes them feel and what they really need. I get insight into people’s lives and learn how I can really help them.

My roles and specialties

App & Website Preview Editor


Business Plan Consultant

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What makes you uniquely special?

Hi my name is Infinity and I am this creative rabbit hole filled with innovative ideas, creative inspiration, and holistic spiritual health rolled all into one.

I've dibbled and dabbled in so many different fields that is was always hard to find a place that felt like home. Little did I know that there was a term for a person like me. Generalist..huh go figure!

Any who, I am a southern girl with world traveling ideas and experiences. I love downtown living, and being around the innovative and creative spaces.

So how can I help you? Well, you can either check out my Skills & Talent section or view some of recent completed projects in the Portfolio Section.

Feel free to look around and peek around various places.


Yours truly,

Ms. Finn

Who inspires you?

The good people of the world.

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