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Heather Haynes

Wild and creative but a lover of all things orderly
HH Orderly

About me

There is such beauty in wild, but even in that one finds incredible order. It has always been a passion of mine to find that order while preserving the wild and unique nature of each one. I tailor my skills to individual needs, because no two people are a like and that is part of what makes us all so beautiful! From a young age I was known for having a color coordinated closet and a neat and tidy room. Now I use this passion of mine to help others streamline their lives so they can have more time to do what they love, like I do. It has been my pleasure to turn my passion into a career. From general admin to organizing inboxes let me help you get life back on track so you can enjoy more of the beauty it has to offer.

My roles and specialties

Virtual Assistant

Administrative support, Task manager, Organizing

Why do you love doing what you do?

It's a second nature to me to be organized and it brings me an incredible amount of joy and peace. For me order doesn't mean an austere lifestyle with no possessions. I see in nature so much beauty in the seeming wildness of things but when it really comes down to it it is all actually in a beautiful order, we may just need to search a little deeper to find it.

I know it doesn't come naturally to all to have things in order so it is a pleasure that I can use my talent, skill, and passion to help others be able to focus on their own talent, skills, and passions.

What makes you uniquely special?

Order is a passion and a pleasure to me, it makes me happy and I love helping others feel more in control or in order.

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