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Jacki Kearslake

Helping Australian Dentists become more visible online.
Dental Web Strategies

About me

Supporting Australian Dentists to become more visible online and in their local community. Ethical dental marketing for the discerning practitioner

My roles and specialties

Online Visibility Consultant for Australian Dentists

Dental Practice SEO, Copywriting and Content Strategy for Dentists, Dental Website Consultant

What is your primary focus as an independent professional?

I enjoy working with my former colleagues to help them develop a strategy that raises their practice's profile in their community. While this is primarily through online means, I love reminding dentists that theirs is a people business and, as such, they need to also have the courage to meet the locals where they are: in their community!

What makes you uniquely special?

Having been a dentist myself, and a practice owner, I know how hard it is to run a practice and keep up-to-date with things outside my profession. My role when I work with a practice is to first develop a marketing strategy that suits the dentist and their team: their interest, their budget, their skillsets, and the amount of time they have available. Some practices want to be very hands-on with their marketing, while others prefer to delegate. Together we customise an approach that is sustainable, affordable, and effective.

Because I was a dentist, and am still a member of the Australian Dental Association, I understand and uphold the ethics and regulations that guide our professional practices. You won't hear me recommending any types of marketing that aren't compliant with the national law.

I believe in the power of educative marketing and love distilling the complexities of dental health concepts into a form that's very easy to understand.

But most of all, I love retaining an active connection with the profession that has given me so much joy. Dentistry is hard work, but all the dentists and practice managers that I work alongside are some of the most joyful, positive, and generous people I've had the privilege to meet.

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