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Jake Safane

Content Writer Specializing in Finance and Tech

About me

I'm a journalist turned content marketer who helps brands create compelling copy. While I specialize in B2B finance and tech writing, my skills and interests vary widely.

I started my career initially planning to go into sports journalism, but I soon found my way into a reporting role covering custody banking. After some twists and turns that included creating a New York lifestyle blog, I joined The Economist as a thought leadership editor, where I led custom research projects for large brands.

Then in late 2018, my wife got a job offer in Los Angeles. So we decided to leave New York, trading frigid temperatures and crowded subways for palm trees and traffic that's not as bad as I imagined. Since then, I've worked as a freelance writer. I love the flexibility to still be able to write about custody banking and other nuanced areas of finance at times, while also being able to create content on everything from cloud computing to food trends.

My roles and specialties

Articles & Blog Posts Writer

Finance, Tech, Business

Content Marketer

Copywriting, SEO, Research

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What makes you uniquely special?

As someone who's worked as both a journalist and as a marketer, I understand how to combine engaging storytelling with persuasive content. And while I initially felt unlucky to have started looking for journalism work in the wake of a global financial crisis and difficult transition for the media landscape into digital, I'm now grateful.

Because of the scarcity of work at that time, I poured myself into wherever I could find a place to write. From reporting on small-town elections to writing profiles of entrepreneurs to creating content on niche areas of finance, I've learned so much about so many topics. Now, I'm confident I could create content on any subject and can find the worthwhile nuggets in any type of story.

How do you continue to grow your professional skills?

One of the things I love about being an independent worker is that I can clearly see the connection between investment in professional skills and business results. Whether I'm listening to a freelancing podcast while taking my dog for a walk, reading a book on writing techniques or taking an online course, I'm constantly looking for ways to improve as a writer, marketer and entrepreneur.

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