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locationTaunton, England

Joshua Cordray

Tech Traffic creates superb copy for tech companies.

About me

Every business needs excellent copy and content to:

  • communicate their brand's message.
  • reach new customers.
  • generate sales.

That's what I do - help businesses get their message to their customers. I love helping businesses plan their sales copy, content marketing strategy, and publishing schedule.

My roles and specialties

Ad Copywriter

Digital Content Strategist

Website Content Writer

Let’s connect

Who inspires you?

My kids inspire me because they have some amazing benefits. Have a look:

  • They learn constantly - even when they're playing. They show their learning by picking awkward moments to ask me random questions about new words they learned at the playground!
  • They ask questions about stuff more than once. "Why _____" is never asked just once. They keep going until there are no more answers or they feel happy with what they've learned.
  • They really enjoy playing. I tend to forget about relaxing and fun because work is always calling. My kids remind me that play is part of life and it is valuable.

How do you keep the creative fires burning?

I love to walk and move. Many times I walk and talk out loud to myself. They say, "Think before you speak." That sounds like great advice. I'm sure some people think before they speak. I've discovered I think by speaking. So, when I feel stuck, I get up from my office chair, go for a walk, and talk through whatever I've got going on.

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