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Josiah Dreiser

I'm an illustrator/artist. Website: https://jdreiser.com/

About me

I'm an artist and illustrator with my roots in the traditional medias of Oil painting and Pen and Ink, most recently breaking into the world of digital art. I have an extensive background in figure drawing, and experience in both portraiture and landscape painting. I have also begun work on Fantasy art including fantasy landscapes and character design. I'm driven by my desire to create fantastic, deep, and exciting fantasy settings through the use of my technical artistic skills. I have lofty goals set for myself that I can only accomplish by becoming a world class illustrator, and that is exactly what I intend to do.

*I work with all my clients from start to finish, including them in the process at every step from thumbnailing, to sketches, to final polish and placement.

*I guarantee top quality and finish for each of my projects to the best of my ability

My roles and specialties


fantasy, worldbuilding, character design


portraiture, landscapes, characters

2D Animator

Short animation, background animation, looping animations

Why do you love doing what you do?

I love being an illustrator because it allows me to bring people's imaginations to life. They present me with an idea, give me the reigns and their input and I create for them images they will be happy with. I love the satisfaction of completing a project, having it all come together and being proud of my work once it is done. I use each project as an opportunity to continue to grow my skills of communication, creativity, and execution of the image. I always make sure my client is happy with the final result, and I always do my best to charge fairly and work within a project budget.

What is your primary focus as an independent professional?

My primary focus as an freelance illustrator is to ensure that I am always outputting the highest quality projects that I can. I look for projects that I have some sort of personal connection to, that inspires me, or that otherwise would motivate me to wake up each day and work on it. I believe this is important to the final result of my images, as well as the satisfaction of the client with my work.

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