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Kyle Lakey

Writer, Content Manager, Web Developer & Systems Specialist

About me

As a writer I specialise in emotive, engaging content. I prefer a medium to long format, and I am well versed in subjects like addiction, mental health and personal development. As a content creator I enjoy research into software and app development, especially useful gems that make life a little easier. I have a keen interest in crypto ecosystems and also love doing features on outdoor adventure and the gear that comes with it.

I write from the heart, with empathy and compassion, with intention. I strive to create honest, engaging content that is both useful and valuable. This work ethic flows on into the broader skillset I have acquired along my professional journey. I am currently cultivating skills in interaction design and software development with my sights on creating a better life for humanity. By combining design thinking with ever-developing technology, I aim to utilise my skills to uplift and empower every client I interact with.

My roles and specialties

Website Content Writer

Personal Development, Social Trends and Culture, Software Research and Testing

Web Developer

Ecommerce, Wordpress, HTML/CSS

Business Consultant

System Solutions, Software Solutions, Administrative Solutions

What is your primary focus as an independent professional?

I'd like to bring out the best work in people I collaborate with and I'd like to build a network of individuals and entities who look after each other. It's so important for the future of innovation. After all, the better we all do, the better off we all are.

Our industry is all about good ideas, and we need to nurture each others ideas so we don't stagnate. Mutual growth and the ability to challenge and uplift one another is very important to me. My vision is to enable every client and every partner to focus on their bright idea, while we provide the skills needed to handle the work.

What does the perfect job look like to you?

I think it's important to focus on transparency when it comes to client/contractor relationships. Besides for the obvious preferences that we all have, which differ from one to another, what makes or breaks a deal for me is more psychologically based.

The perfect job is one where there is a mutual respect between us and there is a clear understanding of the expectations and what is achievable. There really isn't much more to it than that. Time is precious, and there's no point in wasting any of each others.

Why do you love doing what you do?

I get to write about what inspires me, what moves my core. I get to engage with an open audience about content that really matters to me. I get to meet people through mutual passions and ideals.

Then I get to help people. Whether it be transferring their thoughts to text or ideas to designs, I get to aid people in fulfilling their passions. I get to help people get their ideas off the ground, creating meaning and purpose in their lives. There really couldn't be a better path to follow

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