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Stephen Michael Preston

Art Director / Graphic Designer + 21 Years Experience

About me

Most graphic designers are also artists in various kinds of medias. I am no different. In my 21+ year career, everything I've designed has been a piece of art to me, and yet has also served the marketing or business purpose for which it was created. And that's one reason why I do what I do. Creating visual communications through design as a full-time job has also allowed me to create art that I otherwise wouldn't have had the opportunity to create.

Ultimately, it also comes down to creating things that give a client more confidence in their own brand. Sometimes it's hard for a client to know who they are - completely - as a brand. And it's rewarding to be part of the process that helps them potential discover who they are.

My roles and specialties

Graphic Design

Print, Digital, Web

Brand Designer

Brand Book, Logo Design, Marketing Strategy

Brand Identity

What is the most significant (to you) project you have worked on?

In a previous design lead position, our company would do community service projects during our national sales meetings, which were held in different locations every year. I was involved in designing wall murals, with a design relevant to the location where the mural was supposed to be painted, and then supervising the production of the mural(s). The locations included elementary schools, a woman's shelter, and a Boy's & Girl's Club. They were amazing opportunities to use design in a way that not only improved the look of the space, but also had a positive emotional affect on the people associated with the location(s).

What is your primary focus as an independent professional?

While I am an art director/graphic designer proficient in a variety of design medias (digital, print, web), my primary focus and strength is on brand/identity design.

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